Job Market Paper

Underground Knowledge: Estimating the Impacts of Soil Information Transfers through Experimental Auctions. (ETRM blog post here)

Other Working Papers

Murphy, David M.A., Julia Berazneva, and David R. Lee (2018), “Fuelwood Source Substitution, Gender, and Shadow Prices in Western Kenya.” Abstract. Revise and Resubmit at Environment and Development Economics.

Murphy, David M.A. (2018), “The Role of Gender in Preference Construction and Fertilizer Valuation in Kenya.” Abstract. In Review.

Murphy, David M.A., David R. Lee, and Vesall Nourani (2018), “Chatting at Church: Information Diffusion through Religious Networks.” Abstract.

Research in Progress

“Impact of Farmer Field Days on Valuation of Agricultural Inputs” with Dries Roobroeck and Janice Thies.

“The Effect of Gender and Peer Networks on Agricultural Productivity and Resource Management” with David Lee, Dries Roobroeck, and Edmundo Barrios.